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Pests, Insects, and Small Animals Removal in Windsor and Essex County

No one wants to live with rats in their attic, bugs in their beds, and hornets outside their window. If you find your home under attack from pests, call in the pest exterminators at Windsor Pest Control. We respond fast to all our customers, showing up with the tools and knowledge needed to get rats, hornets, mice and bed bugs out of your residential or commercial building.

Over four decades of pest management experience, we have helped many property owners with a personalized IPM approach that solves not only current pest problems but also prevents future infestations too. Rid your property of nasty critters through a safe and effective pest control solution tailored for you. Call us to request urgent pest control services in Windsor and Essex County.


Windsor Pest Control


 Emergency Appointments available. 

Monday – Sunday: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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