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Insect Removal Services in Windsor and Essex County

Protect your home or office against armies of creepy critters that can show up unexpectedly as seasons change and cause serious damage. At Windsor Pest Control, we provide complete insect removal services in Windsor, Leamington, and Essex County, combined with fast, personalized, and friendly services. 

Our comprehensive pest control programs involve a thorough site inspection, allowing our evictors to find all hard-to-notice areas of infection. During this process, our special focus is also on exterior prevention programs that eliminate the cause of insect attacks. Once the infestation is scoped, our team explains the method of extermination and ensures that you get the best results and a critter-free environment for a long time. Ready for your home or office pest control? Connect with us. Emergency appointments are available.

Experienced in Eradicating All Kinds of Insects

Windsor Pest Control recognizes almost all kinds of insects. Our pest control treatment includes eradicating unwanted insect nests in, on, or around your residential or commercial property. Some of the insects we can remove include:

Flying Insects

Flying ants
Wasps (yellowjacket, paper wasp)
Carpenter bees
Fruit flies
House flies
Cluster flies

Crawling Insects


Insects Bugging You?

Get rid of unwanted insects like bees, flies, spiders, and hornets from your home or office.

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