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Complete Integrated Pest Management in Windsor and Essex County

Windsor Pest Control uses the latest pest control technology called integrated pest management (IPM) in Windsor, Leamington, and Essex County to keep critters out of the house and also remove the ones currently troubling you. This method ensures a safe and effective solution for your pest problem in any indoor or outdoor area of your property.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the IPM’s goal and practice is to emphasize prevention rather than treatment of pest infestations when it has threatened your health and peace of life. Our team assesses every area of your property and prepares detailed reports that help you determine and correct conditions that are conducive to pest infestations. Call us for effective pest control for:

Rats (black and brown)
Ants (carpenter, brown, black, lawn, pavement, home)
Cockroaches (brown-banded and German)

A Complete Pest Treatment Package

Windsor Pest Control provides the peace of mind you need from the destructive pest activities in your home or commercial space. We are professional, discreet, and offer the mandatory initial inspection so as to determine the extent of pest infestation and create the best plan of action. We offer the following types of pest control and removal services:


We protect homes against different types of pests using safe, proven chemicals while ensuring that relevant Canadian standards code is always met. We complete all our tasks honestly and discreetly.



Windsor Pest Control uses effective, eco-friendly techniques to remove pests and protect your property against further damage. We can make sure your employees and customers are in a safe place and hygienic place and don’t get creeped out seeing a cockroach or rat moving around!



Our preventative solutions help protect your property from pests that cause serious structural damage and transmit diseases. Count on us to offer estimates and expert recommendations on the potential treatment and measures to keep pests at bay. You can also schedule a routine spray and fogging service to maintain optimal hygiene.


Integrated Pest Management

The most effective pest control service is the one that focuses on the long-term prevention of pests rather than just short-term removal. Our ecosystem-based IPM strategy aims to correct conditions, such as wood-to-earth contact, that might attract pest infestations around your exteriors, subareas and foundations, interiors, and landscapes.



As the season changes, some critters come out of their hibernation period and will get attracted to your house’s favourable environment. For example, you would want to be particularly careful of mice during winter, flies during spring, and single-cone wasps during summer. Trust our evictors to ward off seasonal pests all year around.



Fogging is known to be the ultimate method of removing pests from a structure. Fogging machine is used to administer liquid chemicals in an area infested by pests. Dispensed in the air in the form of atmospheric mist or smoke, it poisons pests in even the tiniest nooks and crevices. Trust our evictors to access your pest infestation problem and offer the most effective fogging and pest control treatments.


General Spray Services

Are you moving into a new house? A general spray service can go a long way toward ensuring hygienic conditions and controlling small crawlers and flying insects. At the same time, a spraying service also acts as an extra shield of protection against several potential pest problems. At Windsor Pest Control, we recommend getting your home or office premises sprayed every 6 months for the best results.

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Rat Infestation Inspections for Demolitions

In Windsor, a Rat Infestation Review Form must be submitted with your Demolition Permit Application. We are able to spot any signs of rat infestations, quelch them if required, and then attest to the rat-free state of your property.

Rat Infestation

Need Pest Removal Services Urgently?

We offer customized pest prevention services and evict unwanted pests 7 days a week.

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